Water Wolf started out as a hobby project amongst us, a group of dedicated anglers – that really wanted to explore and understand more about the way fish react and behave! In common, we have the love for fishing and engineering, cameras and gadgets – so we never lacked mutual motivation!

We tried for more than a year to work with existing cameras on the market – but finally realized we had to build our own cameras to get the recordings we wanted. Total waterproofness, long battery life, easy operation, light sensitivity and a discrete presence in the water was really our benchmark.

We welcome you to our world of underwater recording and discovery – we hope you will join our quest to explore and share the amazing stuff that goes on below the surface – whether fishing, diving or filming other challenging water sports!

Go deep, record, discover!

The Camera

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UW 1.1

  • Waterproof down to 120 meters, which means it can be used for extreme deep-sea fishing
  • More shock resistant
  • Fitted with a 100% battery charge mark indicator
  • Adorned in a CamoTech Green Housing colour
  • Used for trolling, casting, float or bottom rig carp fishing
  • Uniquely designed and engineered in Denmark
  • Super Anti-wobling retrieve
  • 4 hours recording
  • Protected by 3 different patents


What´s included

 WW Came1ra

Ways to use


The hydrodynamic design and careful placement of weight, ensures low drag and a stable movement through water. Water Wolf also has the right balance between weight and volume to ensure just the right buoyancy.

The window in front of the lens is cast as part of the housing. This is the reason why Water Wolf can go deeper than almost any other camera down there.

There is only one button and no need for an external case to make it waterproof. Simple, durable and designed for fishing.

Bottom Fishing Kit

Bottom Fishing Kit

Used in conjunction with the Water Wolf camera, for recording stationary rigs on the bottom.

The patented drop off lead system ensures fish safety, and gives you a chance to retrieve the camera even in case of the mainline breaking on the cast.

  • Easy click on, allows you to change camera in seconds.
  • Attach it to your fishing line and and cast out, or use a bait-boat.
  • Control the amount of tension needed before the lead drops off, and the camera floats.
  • Casts well and falls straight through the water, and lands on the lead every time.


What´s included


  1. Polycarbonate Water Wolf body mount
  2. Base weight 75g
  3. Tapered rubber sleeve (2x)
  4. Quick change pins (2x)
 bottomfishingkit whatsincluded

Accessories Pack


UW 1.1 Accessories Pack

A collection of mounts to fit most recording situations.

Attach your Water Wolf to boat hulls, railings, windows, tripods and much more.

  • Clamps to standard boat railings
  • Enables you to mount your Water Wolf on a tripod
  • Quick-release suction cup, for all smooth, flat surfaces
  • Ball joint for quick and easy adjustment

What´s included

  1. Locking plug
  2. Camera holder
  3. Tripod adaptor
  4. Ball joint
  5. Railing/pole mount
  6. Suction cup mount
  7. Ball joint adhesive mount

Ways to use



Attach the camera to boat hulls, windows, bait boats or any other smooth surface. The suction cup mount can quickly be attached, and the ball joint allows easy adjustment of the camera.



Mount your Water Wolf to boat railings and get the fight and landing on video. You can also attach it to poles or banksticks, for filming under water, or get a bird eyes view of the boat.



Connect the camera to tripods, camera poles or any other gear that makes use of this 1/4 inch standard thread.

Universal Fishing Mount Kit


Universal Fishing Mount Kit

  • New inline camera mount stick with improved locking system, more stable and durable in use!
  • Enables you to fish the camera both fixed, semifixed or free running.
  • Fast, safe and foolproof mounting of the camera.

What´s included

 universalfishingmount whatsincluded


  1. Line Thru polycarbonate Water Wolf body mount
  2. Semifixed polycarbonate Water Wolf body mount
  3. Brass weights - 6, 9, 12g

Vertical Fishing Mount Kit

Vertical Fishing Mount Kit

  • New inline camera mount stick with improved locking system – designed to prevent the camera from spinning when jigging, even with heavy jigs.
  • Enables you to fish the camera both fixed, semifixed or free running.
  • Gives the camera more stability when trolling at higher speeds, and during fights, if fished free running.
  • Fast, safe and foolproof mounting of the camera.


What´s included



  1. Semifixed polycarbonate Water Wolf body mount
  2. Line Thru polycarbonate Water Wolf body mount
  3. Brass weights 9, 12, 15g
 verticalfishingmount whatsincluded

Universal Filming Mount Kit




Universal Filming Mount Kit

  • From cast to catch – record your fishing trip above or under the surface!
  • Mount your Water Wolf, or any other camera to tripods, bank sticks, and other systems, loads of possibilities with these innovative parts.
  • Smallest and fastest mounting system on the market for Water Wolf & GoPro.
  • Easy adjustment allows you to record from any angle with just one mount.

What´s included

 universalfilmingmount whatsincluded


  1. Polycarbonate Water Wolf body mount
  2. Tripod mount ¼”-20 UNC female
  3. GoPro type mount
  4. Bankstick mount 3/8” BSF thread
  5. Camera mount ¼”-20 UNC male
  6. 360 degree knee joint

Lens Protective Cap

Lens Protective Cap

  • For protecting the camera lens during transportation, even when mounted on a fishing rod.
  • The small tool makes opening and closing the camera quick and easy.
  • Bright red color so it does not get lost.
  • This may not look like much, but makes a huge difference for us who use the camera often!


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Scuba fishing


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